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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I can finally blog!!

Sorry that it has been so long since I blogged. I tried to in the hospital, but their web filter wouldn't let me access the site. My husband has been so great, taking care of me, doing anything I ask of him. I hope all people are lucky enough to have someone in their life like my husband.

On to the real updates. Please forgive any typos, I have a lot of info to share, and I might miss some of them when I proofread.

Jennie: My surgery went very well. I had anticipated being in surgery for almost four hours, but it only took two. My surgeons told me that I did very well. I spent the past few days in the hospital. I was wheeled into my hospital room on Monday afternoon, sometime around 3 p.m. I slept most of the day, when I was awake, I was very groggy and kind of out of it. I find it relatively funny that this is the time that nurses and everyone thought that explaining things to me at that time would be a good idea. I remember very little of it, and had many things re-explained to me the following day. I had a really great group of nurses work with me during the four days I was in the hospital (one of them was even named "Jennie!!"). They attended to my every need, were friendly, made me feel good. Everyone has treated me like a star for doing this.
Now, I'm in a hotel with my husband and parents, close to the hospital where my aunt is still recuperating. My back is a little sore from being bed-ridden for so long. But I am mobile, my dad and husband are making me get up and walk every few hours. The more mobile I am, the faster I will heal. I walk slowly, like a little old lady. It's kind of funny. Speaking of funny, it hurts to laugh, and I happen to be related to very funny people, and married to a guy who knows how to make me laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine, but I bet they wouldn't prescribe laughter for someone who just got out of abdominal surgery! :)

Sheryn: On the day of surgery, she ended up having to go back into the OR within a few hours due to internal bleeding. They were able to stop it, and she's doing VERY well now. I do have to thank a whole lot of people for praying for her, because God's mercy and power are the ONLY reason she got through that second surgery. She ended up needing a whole lot of blood, but she had skilled surgeons whose hands were guided by God. I am so thankful that He saw fit to keep this marvelous woman with us a little while longer.
Sheryn was moved to a regular hospital room earlier this evening. She had been in surgical ICU for the past few days. She was only taken off the respirator yesterday. I got to go see her there yesterday. Hopefully, I'll feel up to making the trip on Sunday to go see her again. For those of you who know Sheryn, as soon as she was off the ventilator, she was running the room! She was asking when she'd be moved to a regular room, when she'd be on solid food, when she could shower, etc. Mom and Dad kept jokingly warning the nurses about taking her off that ventilator, they'd never get a moments peace. Boy, they weren't kidding.
My kidney is doing beautifully in her. Her kindey function is in the normal range for the first time in a very long time. She looks healthier, has more energy, and is in a great mood. God has blessed her.

I miss being home, but I know that traveling would be awful right now. Just the car ride home was difficult. Every bump was torture on my belly. Ben has been so sweet; he told me today that he wanted to suck the pain out of me and suffer through it for me. What a guy.

Thanks to all who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers. Please continue those thoughts and prayers while Sheryn and I keep recuperating. I will keep this updated more often now.


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