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Monday, March 27, 2006

Home Sweet Home (sort of)

Sorry it has been so long since I've updated, but when Ben flew home on Saturday, his laptop went with him. Technically, I could have blogged on the hotel computers downstairs, but frankly, that was too much work for me. Now I'm at Sher's house, we're staying here a night earlier than she's getting home so we can prep the house for her arrival, and thank God we did.

Jennie's update: I'm doing really well. I'm walking almost normally now. I only hold my belly in as I walk along, it still feels like my guts are going to spill out everywhere. And I made an interesting discovery the other night, I have 7 incisions total!! 6 are very small (around a centimeter long) and the 7th incision is about 7.5 cm long. If any of my kids from school are reading this, I bet your math teacher would love for you to convert those cm to inches!! I still tire pretty easily, and I take a nap almost every day. The naps are getting shorter, though. Today's nap was only about an hour long. I'm not bragging. Please don't hate me, I'm in pain here.... :)

Sher's update: They have told us she will be released from the hospital tomorrow. She is totally diconnected from all hospital machines now, and her central line was removed this morning. She's lost about 16 pounds of fluids over the past couple of days, which sounds bad, but it's actually VERY good. Too much fluid in the body interferes with the heart function. She's feeling OK, but she is really ready to get home. She almost seemed jealous that we were staying at her place tonight. But she's got a cleaner place tonight thanks to Mom and Dad.

Well, thanks for continuing to read up on us. We do appreciate your thoughts and prayers, God knows they are what have gotten us through this whole event. We love you all, see you soon.


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